Bohemian V-Scarf

by Cristina

Unisex scarf Such a joy! Such a wonderful and rewarding pattern: The New V-Land Scarf by Patrina Hollis. Easy to follow instructions, fast and rewarding project <3 I made this scarf for myself, it is 210cm long, started with 321 chains. Filati Tre Sfere Lana Merino Oro Degrad√© yarn with…

Grinda shawl

by Cristina

Made with Love I made this shawl for my mum as a Christmas present. This is my first attempt with whirl yarn and I really enjoy it! The pattern is the¬† Grinda Shawl MAL by Tatsiana Kupryianchyk, beautiful, easy to follow and quick to make. I used a full ball…

Autumn mini blanket

by Cristina

Why “mini”? This is my mini blanket. “Mini” because I get off of yarn, a beautiful 70% merino wool from my stash. Unluckily this yarn is no longer in production so … I have to be happy with this and I really am! The blanket is super soft and wonderful…

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